Best Biodegradable Baby Wipes

Best Biodegradable Baby Wipes: Reviews and Complete Buying Guide

Baby wipes are perfect for cleaning dirty faces, hands, bodies, and sometimes, surfaces. They were first commercially designed in the 1950s as a substitute for cloth wipes, and since then, several improvements have been made.

Baby wipes remain the go-to choice for most people because they are carefully formulated as the best option for a baby’s delicate skin. Some adults also prefer to use them for that same reason.

But what happens when this multi-use cleaning product begins to contribute to environmental pollution and the rapid deterioration of the earth? The only solution is to go biodegradable!

Despite popular belief, switching to biodegradable wipes doesn’t mean you have to give up on the comfort, feel, or even scent that comes with regular baby wipes.

We’ve made your choice easy by compiling a list of the best biodegradable baby wipes currently available on the market.

Overall Best Biodegradable Baby Wipes

1. WaterWipes Textured Sensitive Baby Diaper Wipes

WaterWipes Textured Sensitive Baby Diaper Wipes are registered with The Vegan Society and have also been awarded the National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance. So if you have a baby with eczema, these are a great alternative to regular baby wipes.

WaterWipes Textured Sensitive Baby Diaper Wipes are made from 100% plant fibers that are not only renewable but will also biodegrade completely in as fast as 12 weeks.

These dermatologically-approved baby wipes are made of 99% water that has undergone a 7-stage purification process which certifies it as super-pure. The wipes also contain a hint of grapefruit seed extract.

These wipes are suitable for newborns and toddlers, and they are also safe and suitable for preterm babies too. They can also be a great substitute for your cosmetic use or general home cleaning.

WaterWipes Textured Sensitive Baby Diaper Wipes are designed for sensitive skin with hypoallergenic compounds. In addition to containing zero plastic, they are also 100% free of parabens, sulfates, chlorine, formaldehyde, and fragrance.

What’s better is that these wet wipes are gentle on the skin, clean well with zero reactions on the surfaces they clean, and will completely decompose within a short period. They are also available in different packs and sizes that are suitable for your needs.


  • 100% biodegradable product made from 99% water and fruit extract
  • Cleans really well
  • Gentle on the skin and face
  • Zero irritation or allergies
  • Great for sensitive skin
  • 100% value for money
  • Vegan approved with zero animal products


  • Quite pricey
  • Not compostable

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WaterWipes Textured Sensitive Baby Diaper Wipes are the overall best pick for us because despite how pricey they are, you get the most value for your money. They also contain zero animal and plastic products, which make them vegan approved and environmentally friendly.

Best Biodegradable Baby Wipes for Sensitive Skin

2. The Honest Company Baby Wipes

The Honest Company Baby Wipes were formulated specially with baby care needs at heart. These wipes are also made from plant-based products which make them 100% environmentally friendly.

Designed to be gentle and soothing against a baby’s skin, they are perfect for diaper rash and skin redness because of their soothing effect. They also come in cute design-friendly packs.

These wipes come in different sizes and prints, so they can easily fit in either a small purse or large bag. They are packaged in a pop-up dispenser that is resealable, which makes them a great travel option.

The wipes come with a refund or replacement policy that begins as soon as you purchase them, ensuring you get a refund or replacement in case of complaints or dissatisfaction.

As they are made with 99% water, these wipes contain zero alcohol, paraben, and quaternary ammonium compounds.

These baby wipes give you full value for your money because they are ultra-thick, durable, and super absorbent – enough to clean any mess without breaking apart.

If you are worried about the stink your baby’s mess might leave behind, these wipes are also infused with a blend of pomegranate, chamomile, masterwork leaf, and cucumber to give you and your baby the perfect natural smell and experience.


  • Gentle and soothing on all skin types
  • Perfect for a wide range of uses
  • Design friendly resealable packs
  • Hypoallergenic and dermatologically approved for sensitive skin
  • 100% plant-based
  • Ultra-thick and durable
  • Alcohol and paraben free
  • Easy pop-up dispenser
  • Large size


  • Quite pricey
  • Not compostable

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The Honest Company Baby wipes are multi-use baby wipes formulated for both skin and household cleaning. They are our best baby wipes for sensitive skin because they are infused with hypoallergenic compounds from fruits and leaves for better skin health.

Best Compostable Baby Wipes

3. Jackson Reece Kinder by Nature Water-Based Baby Wipes

Jackson Reece Kinder by Nature Water-Based Baby Wipes are water-based baby wipes that are made from 99% water and 100% biodegradable wood pulp, and they come in 100% recyclable packaging.

These wipes are dermatologically tested and approved and have won several awards, including the Mom’s Choice Award Honouring Excellence, NCO Eco Excellence Awards, and Mother & Baby Award.

Jackson Reece Baby wipes are biodegradable and vegan-approved baby wipes made from purified and deionized water. These eco-friendly wipes are free from harsh chemicals like lanolin, paraben, fragrance, and alcohol.

These wipes are unscented and specially made for children with eczema. They are soothing on sensitive skin and come with zero plastic pollution. Their ingredients include glycerin, sodium citrate, aloe vera, and sodium levulinate.

These baby wipes are truly “Kinder by Nature” on sensitive skin. They are moist, which makes them a great option for normal skin, too. They are made with highly compostable compounds that are chlorine-free.


  • Specially developed for eczema-prone and sensitive skin
  • Recyclable pack
  • Vegan friendly
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Fragrance and chlorine free
  • Dermatologically and pediatrician approved
  • Compostable


  • Very Pricey
  • Quite Thin
  • Unscented

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The Jackson Reece Kinder by Nature Water-Based Baby Wipes has a slight edge over other biodegradable baby wipes because they are compostable, which means they aren’t just suitable for your baby’s cleaning and skin needs, but they are also kind on nature as well.

Best Unscented Biodegradable Baby Wipes

4. Baby Green Baby Wipes Unscented

Baby Green Baby Wipes are nature-friendly wipes that are fully compliant with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which promotes economically-viable and environmentally-appropriate management of the world’s forests.

The Baby Green Baby Wipes are completely gentle on the skin and are made from ingredients such as water, sodium chloride, chamomilla recutita flower extract, glycerine, and citric acid.

Baby Green Baby Wipes are compostable and biodegradable because they are made from natural plant fibers and contain zero plastic substance.

If your baby has really sensitive skin, these wipes are also unscented with zero fragrance and alcohol content. Aside from being suitable for sensitive skin types, people with normal skin can also benefit from using them.

These thick wipes come in a large pack and have a 30-day refund policy. You can always get your money back if you are dissatisfied with the product for any reason.

Super moist and made with 99% water, Baby Green Baby Wipes are soothing to your baby’s skin. They are also suitable for preterm babies, toddlers, and adults.


  • Super moist with 99% water content
  • Large Pack
  • Compostable
  • Quick decomposition
  • Thick material
  • Recyclable package
  • Unscented


  • Wipes sometimes stick to each other

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Baby Green Unscented Baby Wipes are an all-natural plant fiber-based product that is not only soothing on skin but is also good for the environment. They are our best unscented wipes because they don’t contain any irritating fragrance and are super moist.

Best Budget-Friendly Biodegradable Baby Wipes

5. Caboo Tree-Free Bamboo Baby Wipes

Caboo Tree-Free Bamboo Baby Wipes are made from 100% organically grown bamboo trees. Bamboo grows faster than other traditional trees, which guarantees the constant availability of this baby wipes choice.

The Caboo Baby Wipes pose zero risk to your babies’ health as they are certified by the FDA, FSC, ISO, and BRC. They also do not use any chemicals that may be irritating to your child’s skin.

Caboo Tree-Free Bamboo Baby Wipes come in a resealable peel pack that is suitable for travel. The wipes are made from 99.3% natural products and are completely suitable for sensitive skin.

These baby wipes are completely biodegradable and will decompose in as fast as 4 weeks. They are also compostable and will break down in as little as 28 days. Not only are they environmentally friendly, but they are also cruelty-free and vegan.

Their ingredients include Organic Bamboo Spunlace, Vitamin E, Aloe Fragrance, Glycerin, and Potassium Sorbate among several others.


  • Good for sensitive skin
  • Affordable with great value for money
  • Soft
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Compostable
  • Durable


  • Strong Smell
  • Clumpy
  • Thin

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The Caboo Baby Wipes are our choice for the best budget because they are moderately priced and have great value for the money. They are plant-based, fully-compostable baby wipes that are suitable for your baby’s skin.

How to Choose The Best Biodegradable Baby Wipes

When it comes to choosing baby wipes, we are all advocates of wanting the safest and most organic products that are gentle and soothing. Because wipes can come in several different designs, brands, and types, making the best choice can be difficult.

Let’s narrow down your decision-making process by sharing what to look for when making a choice about natural baby wipes.


When choosing baby wipes, the fabric matters mainly because it is made from non-woven materials. It is important to consider if the baby wipes of your choice are made from synthetic or natural products.

Choosing biodegradable products with zero plastic is not only the best option for your skin but for the environment, too.

Primary Ingredients

Due to the sensitivity of a baby’s skin, irritations are very possible. One of the most sensitive parts of a baby is their behind, which just so happens to be the messiest, too.

Mild and natural ingredients are the most suitable for these reasons. Baby wipes that are produced with a high water content will be soft and moist against your baby’s skin.


Textures are an important aspect of baby wipes selection. While all wipes are soft to the touch naturally, one can determine the overall softness on the skin after a few uses.

Always look out for baby wipes with zero alcohol and paraben content. These are great choices for the skin and are still as effective as alcohol-infused wipes.


Durability should be considered when choosing baby wipes as nobody wants to deal with their baby wipes breaking in half during use.

To avoid embarrassment and unwanted messes, most families choose a brand with thick sheets.


Perhaps the most important choice when choosing baby wipes is the moisture content. There are no wipes without wetness.

It is imperative to choose water-based baby wipes as they contain the appropriate moisture content suitable for your baby’s skin needs.


There are two types of baby wipes under this category: scented and unscented. What you choose depends on your preference.

If you choose to buy scented wipes, always pay attention to the type of fragrance used and the quantity too. Make sure the wipes are scented with natural ingredients that won’t irritate your baby’s skin.

Container Types and Sizes

Baby wipes come packaged in different types of containers including flip-ups, pop-ups, recyclable, and resealable.

A recyclable pack means it’s nature friendly, but it is not necessarily refillable. A pop-up pack means you can fill up the same pack over again with refill packs. A flip-up pack means easy access, as you can just pull wipes out from the top.

There are different sizes available for your convenience. You can decide to go for large packs or small packs suitable for travel.

Getting a brand that will give you 100% satisfaction for your baby’s skin needs can be difficult, but it becomes easier to make a choice once you know what to look for.

Types Of Baby Wipes

Because of the different skin needs of babies, companies have formulated different wipes to accommodate those needs.

Let’s look at these wipes and what they do.

Extra-Thick Wipes

These wipes are formulated for parents with extra baby needs. Some parents prefer a thicker sheet to be between them and their baby’s poo.

Biodegradable Wipes

These wipes are specially designed for the go-green community. For individuals and families who prefer nature-friendly wipes, there are several brands that now offer this option.

These wipes are made from water and plant-based materials and are completely natural and vegan approved, too.

Flushable Wipes

These wipes are designed for toddlers undergoing the potty training process. These wipes are sometimes available in plastic boxes with refillable packs.

They are also suitable for families who use a sewage system with flushable inserts. Be careful how much you flush at once to avoid plumbing issues.

Specialty Wipes

Specialty wipes are formulated for babies who have special skin needs. Babies who are prone to skin rash or eczema fall under these categories.

Made from all-natural ingredients, these wipes are gentle and soothing on the skin and can help prevent further skin reactions.

These wipes can be a little pricey, but they give an absolute value for the money.

What Can You Safely Use Biodegradable Baby Wipes For?

Although they were primarily formulated for cleaning a baby’s delicate skin, baby wipes have grown into a household must-have because of their multiple usage abilities.

Some of these other uses include:

  • Cleaning a baby’s body parts. Suitable for babies and preterms, baby wipes can be used to clean all parts of a baby’s body.
  • Cleaning a baby’s toys and playthings.
  • Wiping the dust off household items and surfaces like plants, dining tables, counters, fridges, etc.
  • Cleaning off makeup
  • Cleaning substitute for sensitive body parts and the face in the absence of water
  • Wiping mud and stains off shoes

What Is The Difference Between Biodegradable and Compostable Baby Wipes?

Biodegradable wipes are wipes designed to break down completely within a short period. Natural elements like sunshine, water, and oxygen accelerate the breakdown process.

Compostable wipes are formulated from plants and trees. Some of these include bamboo and aloe plants. Compostable wipes are suitable for backyard gardening.

The only difference is that while all compostable wipes are biodegradable, not all biodegradable wipes are compostable.

How To Safely Dispose of Biodegradable Baby Wipes

Even though biodegradable baby wipes are designed with environmentally-friendly compounds that completely break down within a short time, it doesn’t mean that you can flush them down the toilet.

Some biodegradable baby wipes that are made with bamboo, viscose, or organic cotton simply do not have enough time to biodegrade when flushed down the toilet and may end up clogging it.

The best way to dispose of your wipes is to put them in the recycling bin or compost them (if they’re compostable).


Baby wipes have become a household necessity, and they are now available in 100% biodegradable forms. This means they are suitable for both you and your babies, and they are also suitable for the environment.

At a period where the world is going green and plastic is fast becoming extinct, biodegradable baby wipes will always come in handy. We hope that this collection of some of the best biodegradable baby wipes will help you get started on that journey.

If we had to choose one product, then it would be the WaterWipes Textured Sensitive Baby Diaper Wipes because they tick all the boxes for environmentally-friendly, baby-safe, biodegradable wipes.

If you’re interested in doing more to save the environment, check out our collection of articles on biodegradables.

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